Won £150 Tesco Shop

Mr Gavin Taylor

Happy Shopping


Won an iPhone 7 Plus

Mr Lincoln Wallace

Wow happy calling!


Won £50 IKEA Vouchers

Mrs baljit kaur

Happy Shopping


Won £150 Tesco Shop

Mrs Onita Condrate

Happy Shopping.


Won £150 Primark Vouchers

Dr Rosie Coates

Happy shopping


Won £150 Cash

Miss Vanessa Sweeney

Happy January!!


Won Cadbury Chocolate to Share

Ms Erica Ellis



Won £250 Argos Vouchers

Ms Catherine Murray

Enjoy the shopping

Date Prize Name
19.03.2017 Mr P. Kelly Won £150 Tesco Shop

Happy Shopping

13.03.2017 Mr Lincoln Wallace Won an iPhone 7 Plus

Wow happy calling!

26.02.2017 Dr Ms Margaret Brannigan Won £150 Primark Vouchers
19.02.2017 Mrs Olivia Cussen Won £50 IKEA Vouchers

Happy Shopping

05.02.2017 Mrs Onita Condrate Won £150 Tesco Shop

Happy Shopping.

22.01.2017 Miss Vanessa Sweeney Won £150 Cash

Happy January!!

15.01.2017 Ms Erica Ellis Buckinghamshire Won Cadbury Chocolate to Share


10.01.2017 Ms Jenny Holland Won £250 Argos Vouchers

Enjoy the shopping

03.01.2017 Mr Eddie King (Fife, Scotland) Won £150 Tesco Shop

Happy New Year Shopping!!

13.12.2016 Ms Mrs Diane Sheedy Won £150 Tesco Shop

Happy Christmas Shopping

15.11.2016 Miss Agnes Andries Won £500 Mothercare Vouchers

What a shopping day that will be !!

08.11.2016 Mr Mike Mologhan London Won £150 Tesco Shop

Happy shopping!

12.10.2016 Ms ann keating Won £150 Primark Vouchers
05.10.2016 Mr John Bones Clydebank Won Cadbury Chocolate to Share

Lots of lovely chocolate yippee

19.09.2016 Ms Dolores Doherty Won £150 ASDA Voucher

Happy days!

10.09.2016 Ms Honie Holding Won £50 Tesco Vouchers
15.08.2016 Mrs Nina O'Neill Won £150 Tesco Shop

Thanks so much I'm delighted

25.07.2016 Mrs Gnei Usama in London Won £100 Boots Vouchers

Great place to shop

11.07.2016 Ms Kathryn Navickas Won £50 M&S Vouchers

Happy Shopping

01.07.2016 Mrs Anthony Cardinale Won Cadbury Chocolate to Share

Chocolate all the way

06.06.2016 Miss Tanya Casey Won £50 Zara Vouchers

great shop

15.05.2016 Ms Rachel Ablett Won £50 M&S Vouchers


01.05.2016 Ms Ms Wendy Pilkington Won Cadbury Chocolate to Share

Share that Chococlate!!

08.04.2016 Mr Derek Morris Won £150 Tesco Shop

Happy Shopping!

22.03.2016 Mr Paul Hagan Won £50 Tesco Vouchers

Happy Shopping

10.02.2016 Ms Triona Kirwan Won £150 Primark Vouchers

Thank you so much that's brilliant. I'm thrilled

27.01.2016 Mr Anthony Nolan Won £150 Cash

wow couldnt come at a better time

09.12.2015 Ms Joy Turner Won £150 Morrisons Vouchers


17.04.2015 Ms Deniesa O'Brien Won £50 Amazon Vouchers
07.04.2015 Mr ismial bulut Won Selfridges Vouchers
13.03.2015 Ms Sarah Hanton Won a Hotel Break
18.02.2015 Mr Adeyinka Adebanjo Won £150 Morrisons Vouchers
04.02.2015 Mrs Valerie Darby Won Kurt-Geiger Shoes
18.11.2014 Ms Susan Dargie Won Madame Tussauds Family Tickets
18.11.2014 Mrs Elizabeth Dunkerley Won Chester Zoo Family Tickets
18.11.2014 Ms Janet Adams Won £50 IKEA Vouchers
04.09.2014 Ms Helen France Won £50 IKEA Vouchers
10.08.2014 Mr chris rosca Won £50 Amazon Vouchers
17.07.2014 Ms anna olejnik Won Flights to Edinburgh
08.07.2014 Mrs Catherine Kearney Won £50 iTunes Vouchers


05.07.2014 Mr Carl Hall Won a £500 Petrol Voucher
12.06.2014 Mrs Marta Jarosova Won £50 Ray-Ban Vouchers
11.06.2014 Mr Pritviraj Ramchurrrun Won £100 Odeon Vouchers
03.06.2014 Mrs Lucia Sharkey Won £150 Tesco Shop
25.05.2014 Mrs Teresa Carrig Won £50 Tesco Vouchers
25.05.2014 Mr KAMIL TKACZ Won Game of Thrones on DVD
19.05.2014 Mrs Valerie Darby Won Kurt-Geiger Shoes
08.05.2014 Mrs Ann McGrath Won £50 iTunes Vouchers
27.04.2014 Mrs ann odonnell Won a Thornton's Chocolates Hamper
21.04.2014 Mrs Marta Jarosova Won £250 Holiday Voucher

Thanks you so much

19.04.2014 Ms Anna Tkaczyk Won a Michael Kors bag
11.04.2014 Mrs Colette Donnelly Won Flights to Barcelona

I am delighted to hear that i won a prize, thank you

02.04.2014 Mrs Eileen Daly Won £50 IKEA Vouchers
21.03.2014 Ms Shirey Blake Won a Hotel Break

That's fantastic

14.03.2014 Mr Robby Walsh Won £50 Argos Vouchers

Cheers, thanks very much

07.03.2014 Miss Maeve O' Loughlin Won £150 Primark Vouchers

Thank you I am delighted with my win. It will come in very very handy :-)

03.03.2014 Mrs Anna Pivnyuk Won £50 Zara Vouchers

Thank you

28.02.2014 Mrs Rosemary Ogunnaike Won a Sony Playstation 4 and Game

Thank you so much, my boys will be so ecstatic!

25.02.2014 Ms Roseanna Kelly Won a Trip for Two to Cheltenham

That's great, thank you so much.

13.02.2014 Mrs Catherine Mc Gannon Lily O'Brien's Valentine's Hamper

Thank you, you've made my day!

27.01.2014 Ms Sabrina Whelan Xfactor Live Tour Tickets

That's Brilliant! Thanks very much

16.01.2014 Miss Deirdre Kelly Won £150 Morrisons Vouchers


09.01.2014 Mrs samera asghar Won £50 Netflix Vouchers
18.12.2013 Mr Emmett Long Won Ticketmaster Vouchers
05.12.2013 Ms jackie byrne Won £150 Tesco Shop
25.11.2013 Ms Sophie O'Neill Won a Thornton's Chocolates Hamper
26.09.2013 Ms Samantha Thompson Won £150 Cash
23.08.2013 Ms Michelle Byrne Won £50 Netflix Vouchers


03.07.2013 Mr Michael Oconnor Won £50 Ray-Ban Vouchers

That is great news

26.06.2013 Ms Nicole Sheridan Won £50 Tesco Vouchers
19.06.2013 Mrs Avril Shiels Won £150 IKEA Vouchers
05.06.2013 Mrs Deirdre Thomson Won £150 Cash

Thanks a lot for your email. I am delighted to have won a prize. I never normally win anything!

28.05.2013 Mr Donal King Won £100 Odeon Vouchers
19.05.2013 Mr Brendan Sewell Won £50 IKEA Vouchers
15.05.2013 Ms Oliwia Mindler Won Flights to Stockholm
17.04.2013 Ms Carrie Walsh Won £150 Debenhams Vouchers

Hi thanks delighted doing my kitchen up at the moment that will come in so handy!

27.03.2013 Mr David Fannin Won £50 Tesco Vouchers

Thats great news, thanks a million for that

19.03.2013 Ms Chloe Parle Won Flights to Paris

Thank you soo much, you have really made my day. I never win anything. Im soo happy

18.03.2013 Ms Donna Callaly Won £150 IKEA Vouchers

Thank you so much, that has brightened up a dull Tuesday for me!

06.03.2013 Mr Lee Kelly Won £150 Morrisons Vouchers

Thats brilliant thank you so much!

27.02.2013 Ms Cathy Pel Won Flights to Edinburgh

I am delighted to read this email :-)

20.02.2013 Mrs Louisa Kay Won £250 Holiday Voucher

Many thanks - it is always nice to win something!

13.02.2013 Mr Alan Crowe Won £100 Odeon Vouchers

Hey! Thanks so much. This is great news.

23.01.2013 Mr Tommy Ahern Won £50 IKEA Vouchers

Thanks so much for the e-mail, that's great news.

10.01.2013 Ms Sandra Gallagher Won £100 Boots Vouchers

Wow thank you - i am delighted with the Boots Voucher. Its a lovely surprise

09.01.2013 Mr Shaun Leahy Won Flights to Barcelona

Wow I am in shock I have never won anything ever before

08.12.2012 Ms Caffy Bundy Won Flights to Paris


20.11.2012 Ms Cathy Cahill Won Flights to Stockholm

OMG thank you so much …… I am so shocked as I never tend to win anything in general so many thanks to “Prize Draws” this will be a great help.

07.11.2012 Ms Michelle Hennessy Won Flights to Stockholm

Omg i just cant believe it thank you so so much. I really could do with a break and haven't had one in a while so this has come at just the right time. Thank you so much. I'm in shock...

07.11.2012 Ms Michelle Hennessy Won Flights to Edinburgh

Omg i just cant believe it thank you so so much. I really could do with a break and haven't had one in a while so this has come at just the right time. Thank you so much. I'm in shock...

18.10.2012 Ms Gabrielle Keegan Won £50 IKEA Vouchers

Hi just delighted iv won something you made my friday

30.09.2012 Mrs Maureen Wilds Won £100 Boots Vouchers

thank you so much just had the day from hell in work and this has really cheered me up

15.09.2012 Ms Audrey Moran Won £100 Odeon Vouchers

Thanks for the good news. I look forward to using my prize

30.08.2012 Mrs Anne Gannon Won £150 Holiday Voucher


30.07.2012 Ms Karen Farrell Won Flights to Edinburgh

Thank you.

30.05.2012 Mrs Anna Camon Won £150 IKEA Vouchers

I am delighted to hear that.

28.03.2012 Ms Sandra O Reilly Won £150 TK Maxx Vouchers

just recieved my cheque thanks look forward to spending it

30.01.2012 Mr Mark Eden Won £150 IKEA Vouchers

Thank you for the prize!

30.01.2012 Mrs Margaret Mccarthy Won £100 Odeon Vouchers

Thanks a million for the prize. I'm delighted to win it!

03.01.2012 Mr David Mc Cormack Won £150 Tesco Shop


28.11.2011 Ms Jennifer Fahy Won £50 iTunes Vouchers

Thanks very much!!

15.11.2011 Mrs Tara Beirne Won £150 Primark Vouchers

Thanks that's brilliant, I'm delighted - just in time for Christmas too!

30.10.2011 Ms Laurie Nolan Won £100 Pizza Hut Vouchers

Thank you very much!

17.08.2011 Mrs Carol Power Won Flights to Paris

Thank you for your email. I am delighted with the prize.

09.08.2011 Mrs Anne Moynihan Won £50 iTunes Vouchers

Brilliant News

12.07.2011 Mrs Rosemary Fair Won £50 Amazon Vouchers
01.06.2011 Ms Mary Jackson Won Flights to Paris
04.04.2011 Mr James Collins Won a Thornton's Chocolates Hamper

thank you ..thats great news

15.12.2010 Mrs Anne Challoner King Won £150 IKEA Vouchers

Delighted to get your email, cannot believe I have won! So excited thank you!

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